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Even so, she refuses to give up on her stellar dream. Astronaut Chris Hadfield weaves a hushed, captivating memoir about watching the broadcast of the Apollo 11 Moon landing as a child. Sometimes heroes wear pencil skirts and oversize eyeglasses. This biography will make everyone wish to be superstar NASA computer programmers. Best for: Grades Preschool-Grade 3. With supersize photographs and all the interactive nonfiction text features typical of a National Geographic Kids book, this collection of facts about the moon, planets and dwarf planets invites young space enthusiasts to pore over its pages.

Astronaut Mark Kelly imagined this tale of a brave little mouse that saves a space mission after a flight he shared with 18 research mice. After enjoying the fictional story, readers may be inspired to find out more about real life animal astronauts. Best for: Kindergarten-Grade 2. Best for: Kindergarten-Grade 3.

Women in space

A journey into the expanse of the universe is the perfect poetic inspiration. Sidebar explanations unpack each part of the trip. Best for: Grades Kindergarten Best for: Kindergarten-Grade 5.

Best for Kindergarten-Grade 5. If you were to travel to Mars someday, how would you get there?

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A video chat with Marie aboard the ISS gets her siblings dreaming about their own future space-related careers. Best for: Grades But how did he get there? From rock collecting to West Point, he tells his story alongside gorgeous paintings by Wendell Minor. Brief but vivid stories illuminate this collection of constellations. How do cultures around the world enjoy and honor the full moon?

Find out from this collection of poems and accompanying background information. Despite its many challenges, this manual makes outer space travel sound even better than Disney World. This book will appeal most to kids ages This book is a biography of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon.


Eventually, Armstrong begins flying lessons, earning his student pilot license on his 16th birthday. He later joined the navy, and eventually became an astronaut. Young readers will read how he and two other astronauts flew to the moon, landed safely, and gathered moon rocks.

This is a wonderful biography to share with kids ages It may just inspire some of them to launch their own careers as astronauts!

Living Universe - Journey To Another Stars - Documentary 4K

This book documents the Apollo 11 journey from Earth to the moon and back with snappy rhymes and kid-friendly illustrations. The text is limited, so it lacks details about the mission. This book tells the story of the first moon landing in comic book format. This book will be most appreciated by kids ages 8 and up. However, my 5-year-olds asked me to read this book over and over although some of the geopolitics admittedly went over their heads.

14 children's books about astronauts and space travel - Gift of Curiosity

This book will appeal to any child who, like the protagonist, has ever dreamed of being an astronaut, joining a crew, flying on a shuttle, eating space space food, sleeping in zero gravity, and walking around in space. This book will be enjoyed most by kids ages Astronaut Handbook by Meghan McCarthy. Readers will then learn how to get around in zero gravity on the Vomit Comet.

They will also select the food they will eat while in space and learn how to use a space toilet. Finally, readers will blast off on their mission.

This hero of this story is Meteor, a mouse smaller than the rest who seems to have an affinity for space flight. When an astronaut accidentally drops an important key in a tight spot, Meteor comes to the rescue by fishing out the key, saving the mission. Although this book is a work of fiction, there are many truthful elements to the story that will help children better understand what space travel is like for an astronaut.

The story follows a young boy who decides to go to the moon.

Non-fiction books about astronauts and space travel

He travels there by rocket ship, and the details about his journey are rich with facts about moon travel, such as how long it takes to get there, what other objects you might encounter on the way, and what it is like to be weightless. The boy eventually lands on the moon and enjoys a spacewalk. This book is best suited for kids ages If I were an astronaut. I would do many, many things!

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27 Great Space Books to Celebrate National Astronomy Day

This book, which will most appeal to kids ages , tells kids about all the things they would do if they were an astronaut. Those things include docking with the international space station, working on a team with other astronauts and scientists, fixing sections of the space station, and doing cool science experiments.

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